Christmas Craft Ideas Will Require Basic Equipment

If you like the idea of getting your children involved in making Christmas craft ideas, you will need some basic equipment. The first item you should buy is a cutting board to help protect your kitchen or dining room table from damage. You can use plain cork board but a professional cutting board will be marked with Imperial and metric measurements making the actual cutting out of patterns much easier.

You will need to buy some tailors chalk. This is a special type of chalk used to mark fabric. You will also need some paper patterns or a book of them depending on which Christmas craft ideas you’re going to make. You will need some machine or hand sewing needles, some fabric, thread and some tacking cotton. The tacking cotton is used to help hold things in place while they are being made up. It can be removed easily and without damaging the fabric.

If you are going to make some Christmas stockings you either need to buy the felt and decorations or the full kits if you prefer. Don’t dismiss the idea of buying stocking kits as not only do they contain everything you need but they also come in a fantastic range of different styles.

You will also need some rulers, a glue gun or some adhesive, a wire cutters to be used by the adults, some scissors and a range of different sized pins. You may also need some bits and pieces such as silver or gold sprayed spruce cones, Christmas ribbon in different colors i.e. gold, red and green, some gold or green candles and some holly and ivy. You may also need some additional materials depending on what you are going to make. For example, if you are going to make the Christmas calendar you will need 24 pieces of candy and some tartan ribbon.

There are so many different types of Christmas craft ideas. While some are suitable for beginners, you will find that some patterns will require a little sewing expertise. You may wish to start with the more basic decorations until you have built up some skills and competence to tackle the more difficult items.

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