Clambake Party Games at the Beach

This can be a true outdoor party fun by the beach. There can be different clambake party games that you can plan as well as the food that you would want to cater to your guests. Since this is an outdoor party you must check on the weather and then decide the perfect day for the clambake party. You need to get the party area decorated with the clambake party theme, which will give it an awesome outlook. We are going to share two clambake party games with you that you can add to your game plan.

Sand Sculpture Challenge

Sand sculpture challenge is a very exciting clambake party game. Get all the participants together and make two teams and ask the players to name it. When teams are named, just give them the pictures of which they have to make the sand sculpture of, as well as the child’s shovel, pail and a rake. The teams have to complete their task of making the sand sculpture in about half an hour. You can give points to the teams on different criteria such as team work, least time taken to complete the sculpture etc. so that you are judging the teams from different aspects and share it before the game is started. The best team is going to win the trophy of the Sand Sculpture Challenge along with a picture of them sitting by their sculpture.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is an excellent clambake party game idea. Place a net on the beach and make two teams from all the participants. Just balance the teams out with the regular beach volleyball players so that there is a good competition between the teams. Everyone gets to play this game. It will be three games with ten points each. Since everyone is going to participate, there will be a lot of exciting comments thrown at each other. To make it more exciting, put on your favorite dance songs in the background, which will add energy to the environment.

Every party, which is planned well, is a success. So it is really important that you plan your clambake party games really well because that is going to be the main source of fun.

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