Family Guy Cartoon; Best of Breed

Of all the cartoon sitcom of the genre Family Guy is indeed the best of breed. If you will remember its predecessors such as; Wait Until Your Father Gets Home and The Simpsons it is obvious that Family Guy is a cut above. Of course when you rock the boat as much as they do, it is hard to find a home network, as sometimes it offends folks. But with the huge following the cartoon is more than in demand.

Indeed fellow cartoon viewer, I love that Family Guy cartoon show, great stuff, heck they slam everybody and you know it is good too, because people are WAY too uptight
these days! Currently I see the need to laugh at our selves a little and dump some of the political correctness for a stereotype reality check. Why? Well because most stereotypes are bathed in at least some truth otherwise they would not be stereotypes at all.

Currently I am running a think tank and I find the Family Guy as a good warm up to dump the political correctness in order allow fluidity of thought. You see, well, you know if you structure a think tank too stuffy like, then you control thought rather than allow proper “anything goes” flows of thought and therefore you ruin the whole essence of what a Think Tank really is.

Because controlled thought well, one could hardly say that is thinking? Flowing thought and focused thought is far better similar to fluidity of motion wins the battle and eventually the war. You cannot address real issues if you hide the political correctness and sweep reality under the carpet. Consider all this in 2006.

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