How to Farm Gold in WotLK Via Crafting Professions – What to Craft to Make Tons of WoW Gold

Most players consider crafting as a part of WoW that consumes gold, but knowing what to craft and sell can bring you a lot of gold. And I’m not talking here about getting end game recipes or patterns for super pieces of gear. You have to be lucky to get such a recipe. But, almost every craft has a section of miscellaneous items which are needed to craft various items that require other professions. So, I’m going to point out how to farm gold in WotLK via a few crafting professions, showing what’s best to craft for gold.

1. How to farm gold in WotLK via Engineering. Most of the engineering parts that you can craft with this profession can be sold for high amounts of gold. For example, Volatile Blasting Triggers and Cobalt Bolts are always on high demand and can be sold for over 100g per stack. The triggers are used for most of the explosive devices that engineers can craft, and Cobalt Bolts are needed for many items that you can craft with this profession. Many players that skill up their engineering will buy not only the engineering parts that I have mentioned here, but other too, like Froststeel Tubes, Overcharged Capacitors etc.

Important tip! Many engineering parts can be salvaged from mechanical mobs in Northrend, so if you don’t want to craft them yourself, you can grind on robots or golems and get these items by salvaging them.

2. How to farm gold in WotLK via Blacksmithing. This profession is thought to be one that consumes more gold than it brings in. Well, there are several items that you can craft to sell, if the prices are worthy, of course. I’m talking about Titanium Rods which are needed by enchanters to upgrade their crafting rods, Titanium Skeleton Keys, which are used to open strongboxes that require 400 lockpicking skill, and Eternal Belt Buckles, items that can be applied on belts to open an additional gem slot.

3. How to farm gold in WotLK via Enchanting. As a general idea, most of the weapon enchantments are very expensive, over 4-500g each. Of course, the materials for these enchantments don’t grow on trees, but you can gather them by doing heroic instances. It’s a good thing to save any green item that you find while leveling other characters and send them to your enchanter. Also, from time to time check the AH for high level green items auctioned for 2-3g. This way, you can get enchanting materials for minimum prices.

I haven’t covered Leatherworking, Tailoring and Alchemy here because I don’t have those crafts on any of my characters. But, regardless of the professions you have, there are always quite many ways to farm gold in WotLK, not just crafting or gathering.

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