Photo Manipulation Can Do Wonders For Your Photo

The hobby to learn photography is quite different from other hobbies. You would start realizing this when you start learning the art of photography. Unlike other arts, the art of photography does not spring from thoughts when you capture an image; instead, the image is one of a real life, and you are required to commemorate it.

Now in other field of arts, you can depict your imagination of a perfect world with no faults, but unfortunately, the real world is not perfect, so the real life image cannot be so either.

How one can make pictures of real world perfect? I was asked this question recently by an aspiring photographer turned artist, who was unsatisfied by the pictures he was taking. Being an artist formerly, he used to paint pictures that depicted anything in its perfection, but he was finding this perfection missing in any of the images that he captured from the real world. He wanted some of the things in the picture to be a little different than they were.

It is not only the artists who have come from the background of painting perfect pictures, but also many other like fashion and glamour photographers, who are in search of perfect or near perfect pictures. Here, something called photo manipulation comes in handy. The Fashion and Glamour industries are using this technique of photo manipulation to their advantage. Any imperfections whatsoever, are smoothed out using different photo manipulation techniques.

It was not so easy to achieve this in older times, but now there are so many programs for photo-editing available to do the same job quickly and easily. The top 3 image editing software that are available in the market are Photoshop, Faststone photo resize, and Image Resizer Powertoy.

Photoshop is the most expensive of all, but is also the best. Photoshop is a must have, if you want those perfect pictures.

What all can be accomplished using image editing?

So much can be done using the image editing software from red eye removal to correcting colour balance to adjusting brightness. Also, different special effects like sepia can be applied. There are also more advanced techniques that can be used to give new look to pictures. You would be surprised that you can correct wrinkles, eye bags, whiten the teeth in the picture itself. Photo manipulation can also improve the colour, adjust any irregularities, remove redundancy if any, add special effects, refurbish the image, and much more. Photo Manipulation is the single classy way of epitomizing your digital pictures by retouching and totalling special effects to them.

Image warping and background removal are two of the easy tools that are used for photo manipulation.

Photo manipulation is a vast topic to be covered in a single article. If you want to become an expert in the field of image manipulation, you would need some patience and guidance. Adobe Photoshop is the best tool available to accomplish almost anything you desire to do with an image, although it does turn out to be a tad expensive.

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