Public Relations for Bowling Alleys

So often some types of businesses get a bad rap. We all know how the neighborhood water hole can get a bad rap from a fight in the parking lot turned totally bad. But this can happen to a relatively simple family business as well. Take a bowling alley for instance where the late night skateboarders and loitering teenagers turn it into a graffiti menus, parking lot drug sales area and a business associated with troubled youth.

It does not take much for this to happen, soon the leagues are weary and the families stop coming or allowing their children to go bowling and then sales drop. To overcome such potential eventualities it maybe necessary to really work extra hard on creating some excellent community goodwill and promoting a robust public relations campaign.

Perhaps a bowl-a-thon to help a local youth raise money for a bone marrow transplant or raise money for a very popular in town non-profit groups. Bowling alleys can help generate money for youth organizations, by donating 20% of the sales for one night and allow the group to help spread the word, invite more people and generate huge amounts of word of mouth advertising. Public Relations for Bowling Alleys is possible in the community and the opposite of good PR could drive them out of business. Consider this in 2006.

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