Resin, Metal, Or Concrete Gardens Statues – The Pros and Cons of Each

Garden sculptures can be made from nearly any durable material.  The most popular are concrete, resin, and metal.  Here are some things you should know about each.

Concrete garden statues:  Because these are made from molds, you can get nearly any size, shape, or style of this type of statue that you would like.  Concrete statues are sold in both finished and unfinished styles.  It is very affordable and if you buy unfinished and paint it yourself then it is even more so.

One thing you should know about concrete garden statuary is that it can get very heavy, very quickly.  If you live in a high wind area this is great, but be sure that you have help moving big pieces.  The only real downside is that concrete is not as detailed as resin.

Resin garden statues:  Resin is a hard plastic material that can be molded into just about any shape imaginable.  Because it  takes detail very well, it is a great material for statues for your garden.  You will often find statues of children playing, Disney characters, and animals made out of resin.  

Resin is an extremely durable substance.  It is much lighter than concrete, but often more expensive.  Resin statues look great in cottage gardens.

Metal garden statues:  These are perfect for formal gardens & are generally absolutely beautiful.  However, metal statues for the garden can be quite pricey.   Also you need to be aware that many metal statues will develop a patina over time.  For instance, copper will turn a lovely shade of green (think the Statue of Liberty).  In general metal garden statues are well worth it.

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