The Best Resistance Loop Band Exercises

IN TODAY’S HUSTLE-BUSTLE WORLD people are looking for time and convenience solutions for their problems. One of the most prevalent problems is that of deleterious health conditions. Among those conditions we include obesity, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. Those conditions can be alleviated with exercise, but who has time and money to go to the gym? But with the resistance loop band you can exercise at home, work, or even while stopped at a traffic light when commuting. The loop band is so small it can fit in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment.

Following are effective, simple loop band exercises. Most can be performed with a light-weight 12-inch band. Beginners should perform sets of ten, wait one minute between sets and complete three sets.


Sitting in a chair, place one end of band under right foot. Grab other end of band in right hand. Rest the right elbow on right knee. Flex right arm up as if lifting a dumbbell. Switch sides and repeat.


Hold one end of the band in right hand over right shoulder behind neck. Reach up behind your back with the left hand and grasp the other loop end. Put left arm behind back holding one end of the resistance loop band. Extend both arms with right arm expanding up. Switch sides and repeat.

Pectorals, deltoids

Extend both hands in front. Wrap the resistance loop band around both hands near wrists. Move arms past shoulder-width until resistance is felt, and return to complete a rep.

Trapezius & deltoids

Sit and grasp each end of the band in hands, extend left arm straight out to your left, slightly above shoulder height. Bend right elbow and pull right hand back as if you were shooting a bow-and-arrow. Slowly return to starting position to complete a rep. Switch sides and repeat to complete a set.

Thighs, obliques

Place the resistance loop band around legs. Lie down on your side and slightly bend knees. Raise your top leg up and down slowly. Keep your stomach muscles tight – it will feel like a crunch on your obliques. Repeat the routine – switch sides.

Glutes, thighs

Wrap the resistance loop band around both ankles and stand with feet at shoulder width. Extend leg forward and backwards until you feel considerable resistance. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.

Thighs, glutes

Stand up straight with the resistance loop band around both ankles and legs shoulder width apart. Extend leg out to the side until feeling considerable resistance. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.

So, Loop It Up

You should wait at least one day between the exercises of any one muscle group. These are the most simple, and effective exercises. By exercising in this manner, you can build muscle, stimulate fat burning, and improve general health.

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