Toasting Is Not Just For Wine and Champagne-Craft Beer Is In Style For Toasting!

“Let no man thirst for lack of Real Ale.” – Toast on a matchbook from Commonwealth Brewing, Massachusetts 1986.

Even familiar gatherings with familiar people, friends and family, a few words can be profound when offered to commemorate a person or event or a simple gathering of at least 2 people.

Having been through the Pandemic for over a year now, and the loss of contact between friends, acquaintances, family and ceremonial events, Craft Beer can heal a lot of past misery. I say let’s bring back the art of “Toasting” with a pint of craft beer and “toasting” has a long tradition that can help in the recovery. Let’s follow the tradition of Benjamin Franklin known as the best person ever to offer “commemorative” words to honor and respect” worthy to remember and honor.

Having spent time in the U.S. Navy I have attended many retirement ceremonies and gatherings where toasts were mandatory. Frankly, an appropriate toast is expected at occasions that are celebratory and of a convivial nature, and not all were serious toasts. Wine/sparkling wine are generally recognized as the beverage used for toasting (water is acceptable also). But the grandest toast beverage is the craft beer. Toasting builds honest friendships, respect, inspires and cements appreciation.

This art associated with gatherings has a long history from the Middle East to Greece where toasting was a way of recognizing the perceived power of their god’s. Even burnt toast by Greeks, during toasts, played a part in the act of paying attribution of most anything at a gathering. It seems burnt breads hid the bad taste of the wine.

“Toasting not only has a long, storied history, but remains a useful ritual, providing a singular way to express sincere and affectionate sentiments, show off a bit of your personality, bring people together, and make special events even more special,”

Over the years, those people offering a toast at a gathering have demonstrated oratory skills. Historically, there are records of toasts for every occasion known to man, often a toast injects humor, sincerity, loyalty, and shows respect of people and special occasions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, who appreciate the true nature of Craft Beer, let’s “Bring Back Toasting”. Where two or more gather to consume the craft of brewing, the art of a pint held high needs to be displayed.

Bring back Toasting!

A simple toast will do, “Love to God, family and country, the sincere friendship to a few, and goodwill to all countrymen/women.”

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