What is Your Rock Instrument Identity?

Everybody’s persona is special. If you have at any time satisfied a musician, you will know that lots of have quirky personalities.

Nonetheless, have you ever puzzled what your option of instrument states about your temperament? Under is a list of traits I have observed in excess of the yrs in unique musicians. It is just a little bit of entertaining and no offence is intended.


You are nuts and generally total of strength. You possess an undying endurance, are hyperactive and have a childlike quality. Dwelling a quickly paced daily life, you can at periods be a minor dim – oops(joke)

Some famous drummers contain – Keith Moon, John Bonham and Ginger Baker.


You are commonly shy and laid again. You like to remain in the qualifications and tend to be silent. You may perhaps enjoy a broad range of devices and have a wide musical awareness. You are multi-gifted and intelligent.

Some well known bassists contain – John Paul Jones, Flea and Paul McCartney


You are at occasions really extravagant (getting unconventional items), exceptionally decided, flamboyant and speedy wondering. You could also at situations be pretty moody!
Some well-known guitarists incorporate – Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Jack White.


Don’t neglect the vocalist (very well they wouldn’t allow that take place!) You are arrogant – though you might refer to it as self-assured! At moments you can be highly egotistic, are often a full exhibit off. You can be egocentric and loud. Usually, you appreciate having care of your physical appearance and look at your self great-searching. Up to day in the fashion office, you like to deal with by yourself.

Some well known vocalists contain – Robert Plant, Mick Jagger and Bono.

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